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Cigarette Waste Collection, Litter Bin, Litter Collection, Street Cleansing (including chewing gum removal), Recycling and Waste Management problems? Environmentally Friendly Solutions Ltd specialise in providing cost effective solutions to a wide range of difficult waste management and recycling situations.We also can source a variety of skips in various sizes if required.

EFS supply the "Tuscan" Cigarette Waste Collector,"Landmark" Litterbin and the and "Slim Jim" office waste collector manufactured by Rubbermaid Ltd. Tuscan is a free standing cigarette waste collector for use anywhere that cigarette ends are discarded. Landmark is a robust free standing litterbin which can also be used as a Mini Recycling Centre or used to assist in the introduction of "Drink Free Zones" in Town Centres. (Recycling Containers and Litter bins further information) and Slim Jim is an unobtrusive wall mounted office waste collector/recycling system.EFS also supply Wheeled and Static Containers, suitable for Waste Management and Recycling, ranging in sizes from 90Lts up to 3,200Lts. Containers are available in a selection of colours and can be supplied for use in the full range of Recycling applications and Waste Management.

The problem of Chewing Gum making an unsightly mess of the streets has been with us as long as people have been chewing gum. Methods of removal have in the past been time consuming and sometimes involved chemicals or high pressure jetting which can damage the very surface that you are trying to restore to a pristine condition. EFS can supply the GumLaser Chewing Gum removal unit. This machine offers a chemical free solution to the problem of Chewing Gum and as it operates at high temperatures but with low pressure it does not damage the surface that the gum is attached to, with care it can even be used on most tarmacs. As it is a low pressure unit, it uses very little water in comparison to other machines.

The GumLaser has many other uses, including the removal of Graffiti, Algae, Flyposters and the cleaning of Waste Containers/Street Furniture. (GumLaser further information).

Working in conjunction with its trading partner Spider UK, EFS can now offer the Spider 1000 Glass Crushing Machine. This unit has been specifically designed to solve the storage and transportation problem of glass. It is ideal for reducing glass "volumes" in Restaurants, Clubs, Pubs, Sports Centres, Hotels and even on Ships. If you have a glass storage problem then the Spider 1000 Glass Crusher could be the answer for you. (Glass Crusher further information).


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